Cloud DNS

    Introducing WebFacility’s Managed Cloud DNS Service


    – Hosted on 24 servers located around the globe including, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Miami and Dallas.

    – Very reliable, it cannot go down unless over 90% of planet earth is in severe disaster

    – Very highly secure, and impossible to penetrate.

    – Uses vague nameservers that customers cannot associate with WebFacility. Our Nameservers are:, up to

    Main Benefits

    – Your website, email service, and any of your IP based software applications would be easier to connect to from anywhere in the world.

    – The DNS servers are local in each continent, therefore regional customers would connect within split seconds..

    – Your domains are caught faster by various search engines crawlers around the globe, which improves ranking. This is like success generates more success and more success generates even more success..

    – For e-commerce websites, this is even more important and may guarantee generating more business & more profit.

    Key Features 

    • 100% Uptime Guaranteed
    • HTTP Redirection
    • Fastest IP Anycast+ Network
    • Instant DNS Updates
    • Top Rated Customer Support
    • Full IPv6 Compatibility
    • Full DNS Audit Log History


    – Retail cost is only  $14.00 per domain per year for customers with one single domain, and $10.00 per domain per year for customers with 3 or more domains.   

    – Partners and Resellers cost is just: $6.00 per domain per year. 


    1- Automated Failover

    When our server nodes detect an outage, if you purchase our Automated Failover service, we automatically point your domain records (failover) to the configured servers. We also provide Free Failback – meaning, we automatically point back your domain records to your primary server once we detect is IP is reachable again.   

    2- Global Traffic Direction 

    If you purchase the Global Traffic Direction service, we can optimize and direct your domain’s traffic flow based on the location of the IP that is accessing your server. For example, if you have clients in the Far East, you can configure your regional servers to Far East queries, and clients in Europe or the US will have their queries answered from the nearest-by servers.