What we can do for you

    Your business could rent space from WebFacility, IT equipment (server hardware, firewalls, and bandwidth), or IT infrastructure (servers with installed applications and software in addition to custom-configured security appliances) in its entirety – effectively creating your own data center within ours.


    Who can WebFacility serve

    • Any company who is interested in building a data center, or upgrading their existing data center is a potential customer for WebFacility: Government organizations, Health Care companies, Banks and other Financial institutions, and most medium to large businesses are good examples. The cost of running a server in-house is 3 to 10 times more expensive than renting, and is many times less secure due to the high cost and advanced technology required for security and backup.
    • Companies running software development business, such as website development need to rent hosting and database servers to host their customers’ websites.
    • Companies offering email services need to host their applications on web servers
    • Companies who need to exchange large files through FTP services will need dedicated and secured servers
    • Companies running their own server in-house need to rent web servers to store backups of their data for protection and disaster recovery. This applies to small, medium and large enterprises.
    • Companies in need of a dedicated private cloud