Secure Your Server & Assets

    It only takes one threat, hacker, bug, or identity theft scenario to ruin what you’ve built. Keeping your managed hosting secure is critical to ensuring business continuity – with managed firewall service, your applications will not slow down, and your online performance will remain perfectly seamless. The firewall processes all traffic before it reaches your server, preventing intruders, malware, virus attacks, spyware and more from infiltrating your data.


    Secured infrastructure

    Seamless performance

    Packet inspection

    Port blocking

    Malicious traffic filtering

    24/7/365 support

    Compare Our Firewall Solutions

    Cisco Model NumberMaximum ThroughputConcurrent ConnectionsMax VPN ThroughputIntrusion PreventionRedundancyIPSEC VPN User SessionsStarting Price
    ASA 5505150 MbpsA10,000100 MbpsNoNo25 MaxD$100/mo
    ASA 5510300 MbpsA50,000170 MbpsNoNo250 MaxD$250/mo
    ASA 5512-X1.0 GbpsA / 500 MbpsB100,000200 MbpsAvailablecNo250 MaxD$350/mo
    ASA 5512-X1.2 GbpsA / 600 MbpsB250,000250 MbpsAvailablecAvailable250 MaxD$450/mo
    ASA 5520450 MbpsA280,000200 MbpsNoAvailable2500 MaxD$400/mo
    ASA 5545-X3.0 GbpsA / 1.5 GbpsB750,000400 MbpsAvailablecAvailable2500 MaxD$2200/mo
    ASA 55501.2 GbpsA650,000425 MbpsNoAvailable5000 MaxD$500/mo
    A – Throughput is measured with UDP under ideal conditions.
    B – Traffic profiles consist primarily of TCP-based protocols/applications like HTTP, SMTP, FTP, IMAPv4, and DNS.
    C – Intrusion Prevention is a separately licensed feature.
    D – Each Cisco firewall includes 2 Bundled SSL VPN User Sessions. Cisco AnyConnect® or Clientless VPN User Sessions require additional licensing.