Host & Run Client Applications With Us

    As a digital agency, you need a hosting and IT partner plan that will facilitate your firm’s growth, and meet you at a price point that doesn’t limit you by infrastructure constraints. We know that when you offer a large variety of digital services, you need this partner to be affordable, provide you unprecedented technical support, and allow you scalability and flexibility. Whether your bread and butter is web development, backend applications, digital marketing, or all of the above, WebFacility can build your operational infrastructure to help you provide your clients a seamless experience.

    We Are Digital Fanatics Ourselves – We Get It

    WebFacility’s leadership made their mark in the digital field back in the early 2000s by building a .NET CMS to creating innovative digital experiences for clients. Today that team has and expanded and flourished to become a one-stop shop for all creative digital needs [link Gravitas]. What this means to you is that we get it – we completely understand the scalable resources, the tireless hosting and IT support, and the profitability required in order to run your digital agency stress-free and successfully.

    Deliver Your Product Online, on the Cloud, on a Global Scale.

    Keeping business continuity, recovery, scalability and security in mind, WebFacility cloud experts will collaborate with your developers to architect an enterprise-ready, custom managed cloud solution to meet your exact needs. Public clouds are cost-effective but frequently come with trade-offs such as issues with resource availability, optimum and cost-heavy disaster security, and provisioning obstacles. On the other hand, private clouds may offer the perfect SLA (Service Level Agreement), but the financial benefits are lost to the costs required to build it. WebFacility is here to bridge that discrepancy.


    Reliable hosting is critical to your business. We’re here to build for you an environment that guarantees speed, uptime, and security through locally-mirrored hardware, automated backups at various geographic locations, and more, to create a fault-tolerant and redundant environment. Click here to check out our SLA.


    WebFacility will protect every layer and element of your environment – physical security, network protection, user authentication, custom firewall solutions, and more.


    We can grow or shrink your infrastructure as your business requires it – we know your needs are not static. No matter the reason – whether an increase in incoming traffic, a new client requiring a hefty deployment, or anything in between – we can increase your resources and computing power and you’ll be billed for what you use.

    Cost Effective

    Our pricing model is based on the computing power you’ll need. This is a flexible billing system since you’ll never be billed for anything you haven’t used yet.


    Failure to adhere to your industry’s compliance standards may result in fines, business restrictions, or worse. Handling compliance in-house can be time consuming and costly – leave it to us to guide you through ensuring your website meets your industry’s stands. All physical security controls are audited for SSAE 16 standards.